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While there seems no end to the chocies you can make in your research decisions, below are some suggestions to make your projects go as smooth as possible.
Not ONE of these companies pays a penny to be mentioned here. It is purely a desire to share great companies who make great products with you.

First, for those interested in metrics involving parasympathetic tone, there is little to compare to the quality of properly-cleaned ECG-derived interbeat intervals (IBIs). As for sympathetic tone, Impedance Cardiography certainly leads the field.

Mindware Technologies makes a superior product in their Mindware Mobile. It is capable of recording ECG, Galvanic Skin Conduction, Impedance Cardiography, EMG, Respiration, and more. It is 100% wireless as well! They also make the associated software for these various metrics.

Having been using their hardware and software for a number of years, they are in a class by themselves. Their support is unparalleled as well. Give this banner a click and check them out!


Paraspinal Infrared Thermography (PIrT) is a hot new research tool. Dermatomes afford a window into the neurologic state. Studies from Johns Hopkins Medical School established acceptable dermatomal bilateral differentials. Along the dermatome, they found that differences over 0.24°C (+/- 0.073°C) denoted neurologic problems at the spinal level. They also found that the deviation in parallel dermatome temperatures in patients with nerve insult averaged 1.55°C (p<0.001).

We have been using the Titronics Paraspinal Infrared Scanner for well over 20 years. It is a reliable and exacting piece of equipment that sees daily use here. While they have made advances in design and functionality, it remains the best of its field. Click this banner to see if they can add an additional layer of objective reliaibilty to your research.


If you enjoy a good read on the subjects related to the phenomena of health and its loss from a research perspective,
Sinnott's—Textbook of Human Adaptability provides a deep dive. Using over 1,000 published research references, the reader is provided a view of the global nature of health and its dependency upon an individual's resilience or vulnerabilty to stressors.

In these 250+ pages, a treasure trove of collected research is organized and explained. The subject of data metrics, including HRV, ICG, PIrT, and many others are explained in referenced scientific detail. It also provides a simple resource of references on nearly every spectrum of the human experience to speed your research writing. Click this book cover to see what this text has to offer! It is a bargain at $50- for such a heavily-referenced text.

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